You have stumbled onto my little corner of the internet which I use to share my projects, creations and assignments for my coursework in fulfilling the requirements set by Boise State University to earn a Masters degree in Educational Technology.  Feel free to peruse and leave some comments along the way – as well as check out my “About ” page to learn more about me.

I feel that this quote from Walt Disney is very applicable to our lives as Educators, Educational Technologists, and Instructional Designers.  We can each work to the bone for countless hours, months and years creating the most wonderful content and curricula, but none of our work would come to fruition if it were not for our students.  I try to make a dedicated effort in the mornings when I start my day to remember why I am investing my time to do the work that I do, and who I am doing it for.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions.